Be the generous one

Just be the Giver. Please. Be the generous one, the mentor, the adviser, the motivator, the donor, the donator, the one who cares. Find a way to make what you do matter for more people, or matter more for one person. Give someone a break. Give someone hope. Make a promise. Keep it. Overdeliver. Open the door of opportunity; open your wallet. Open your heart, take out the love, and hand it to someone. DLP

I love the Course in Miracles, it makes me go hmmm, have you ever heard that song "things that make you go hmmm" A Course in Miracles is one of the texts that have that effect on me
And so ACIM presents the concept that what you give, you give to yourself and same with what you take. Because we are all connected, giving and receiving is really one and the same
I started practicing this, changing my mind set is a process, not an event so it takes time. I started noticing things in a different way. I remind myself when I am down to my last $100 to not feel "broke" and hold on to it for dear life. When I give I feel great when I hoard I dont feel as good
I was in the supermaket, there was an elderly lady before me in the queue, she had about five items, bread, milk, eggs, salted cod and a packet of tea. She waited as they rung up her bill, she did not have enough money, she left the items and walked out looking crestfallen I looked at it I was in the store and I am searching through my bag to see how much cash I really had I wanted to pay for it for her- I was searching in my bag to determine the amount that I had because I did not have much- I lived wayyy beyond my means for the month- and still waiting on cash for work or books I sold earlier- so when I did the analysis of my cash flow it was my turn in the line, I asked the cashier how much was the bill? to hold a bit please, I ran outside to look for the lady- she was gone, not a sight of her
I came back inside, asked the cashier- do you know that lady? She responded that she looked familiar from coming in the store but no she didn't know her
I kicked myself! slow slow and slow because I was over thinking about how much I would have left for my own stuff

I walked out of there feeling a huge crappy!
all the why's coming up
I was walking so I kept looking for the lady nowhere she was to be seen.
Later on in the day  another opportunity presented itself - I ended up buying 3 orange juices for a man and his two children which I did without hesitation. and my feeling, my mood, my vibe was raised. Giving is living and that is all


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