Ask yourself why has a piece of you abandoned you?

If we set aside any ego investment in the situation, then only love will flow though us, and it will be expressed in a form that would be appropriate in that specific situation. ACIM 

the only relationship you ever have is the one you are having with yourself. Other people show up in your life as a demonstration of how you are being, what you are believing and how you are behaving with yourself, within yourself. I also know that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
Lifetime relationships are those bound by blood lines such as parents, siblings and those with who you bring children to life. So, it is not clear to me that one person is meant for another person unless their is a reason for them to be together; in the season they are meant to be together.
 As we deepen and become more present in the relationship with ourselves, we attract people, who can give us more of who we are. At the physical and intellectual levels of being, it is easy to believe that there is one person with whom you are meant to spend your time and living. If or when that person chooses not to be in relationship with you any longer, we can get stuck in the belief that they were the one and will always be the one.
 The issue in that case is why has a piece of you abandoned you? Or, more appropriately, what part of you have you abandoned? , everything is the way it needs to be. So, if someone you love leaves your life, even if for a while, it is exactly what needs to happen. The choice to wait for their return or, as you say, circling back, is a choice that you will need to make for yourself, within yourself. I for one neither choose to wait or be weighted down by waiting


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