Who's your tribe?

Who’s your community? Who’s your collective? The ones that know your calling and push your momentum? Danielle La Porte

Carnival time in Trinidad and Tobago is one where you meet and see people that you haven't seen for ages, you open your homes to friends who live abroad and come back for the festival, you sleep little and party hard, as we say here "the vibes cyar done" On the flip side there are quite a few disagreements and fights - people show themselves.
My tribe, they are all different, a bunch of women that I have known for ages and we accept and love one another as we are , all of us are different and the diversity makes our tribe not just interesting but so much fun.
It got me to thinking about how and who joins the tribe and why? Is it a "free for all" come on in and we accept or do we have boundaries and hidden criteria somewhere in there? Who pushes you? Who do you see yourself in? Is there mutual respect and admiration? Or is it a rubber stamp of anything goes? Does your soul feel at peace when you are in your tribe? Are you excusing bad behaviour in the name of escape or lack of self love?


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