There's not a damn thing you can control.

There's not a damn thing you can control. Not one. But most of your suffering comes from believing you can. Maxie Mc Coy

I was at a spoken word event last night, really deep stuff, teaching youths using the oral traditions, and I met a young lady who I had a lovely breakfast meeting with early last year
She reminded me that we spoke about control and she admitted to me that she was a control freak and thought I was too cool about everything. She started volunteering with charity's and said it was the best thing she ever did because she knows for sure now that there is not a thing that she can control but herself. I laughed because I could relate to her and learnt that control is illusions or many times a form of fear!

I learnt that control and responsibility are two different things
Responsibility - my ability to respond to the reality of now
Control - trying to make things different especially when you are fearful, wanting to manipulate a situation to suit your fancy- mainly because of fear.

Getting by in this life unscathed is nearly impossible. Fearing pain and fearing hurt is practically a waste of time because it's exactly what will happen, at some point. But yet we still fear it. And that fear is oh so normal.
So ask yourself - do I want to be in control or do I want to be at peace?


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