Love never grows the same way twice

I have learned that love never grows the same way twice. Even if you circle back and love the same person again, the love will never be the same. Love changes because we change. Love is adaptable because we are. And loving yourself is the only way to wholly and completely love another.  Stacey Herrera

Confessions on the journey, I thought that self love was really about taking care of your body, having a pedicure, a health checkup, a manicure, a new hairdo. That is what I picked up as a teenager reading the magazines and looking at the women around me. And even with that I never took it seriously. There was nothing pointing to the inner work of loving yourself through being honest, accepting, trusting, acknowledging, setting boundaries and forgiving myself as part of the self love process. And from that place that I knew before, I lived my life, things were going well and then the shit hit the fan hey,
Try living a life without setting boundaries, people pleasing and not forgiving yourself, it is I tell you, not a sustainable strategy!!

Luckily,life speaks to us and shows us reflections through the people that come into and leave our lives. They are all mirrors. As you change, your relationships change some of them may come to a natural end and you or them move on when you have learnt all there is to learn from that space. 
Some of the things you do may change as you change, but at the centre of that is how you are with yourself, how you show up in the self love room! 

I look back and realized that I was showing up in many of my relationships without that full cup of self love and that was unfair to myself and the other party, but lovely as life is, it provided me with opportunities to learn the lesson over and over until I got it!

I started paying attention and this is why the love I have now for me is the love I have been waiting for my entire life, unconditional, forgiving my mistakes, accepting the skin that I am in, internal and external!
Love allows us to see and hear the best of what we have right now. The love within us grows and we grow, it shifts when we shift, when how we love shifts and grows, love gives us an opportunity to chose again, whether or not our partner changes.

According to Stacey " The loves that came before me were my guides, leading me home to my one and only. I am grateful for the heartbreaks and the tears, the joys and the sorrow. The loves of my past were each wonderful teachers, they schooled me on how to be unapologetically me"



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