Don’t keep score. If you bring “obligation" into the equation, it makes everything janky. We all do favours (personally, I’m leery of favours) for each other and hope that it will be reciprocated – reciprocity is such a beautiful part of being human...together.But…really really really it doesn’t matter what you did for anyone yesterday. Really it doesn’t. Don’t let it. You gave it. Let it go. No one owes you anything. Danielle La Porte

Top  Ten Stopolisms
1.    Stop the need to be in control – give people a chance to rise to the occasion
2.    Stop being fake – yea just stop that
3.    Stop gossiping –talk about something in your own life that you can take the time to improve
4.    Stop trying to prove that you right – would you rather be right or be happy?
5.    Stop toting feelings – let it go
6.    Stop making excuses – mainly because of fear
7.    Stop justifying yours and other people’s bad behaviour
8.    Stop lying to yourself
9.    Stop playing small
10.  Stop people pleasing in order to be liked


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