Decide then move it...

No decision, no progress Kate Northrup

Making a decision, I have learnt, is a form of power. It activates something powerful in me that allows me to do the very thing that I may have been putting off, postpoining and procrastinating. There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind. The conviction and discipline emerges and says here I am let's go, let's do this.
Its knowing despite any doubts, that you are going to do the very thing, it is knowing despite hearing any talk to the contrary that this is going to matter what

Not making a decision is indeed a decision - it is a decision by fault

Many of us believe that we may make the wrong decision, and if you do so what? What does wrong mean any ole way?
Free will allows us to change our mind and the lessons that we gain from the decisions are usually quite invaluable

According to Kate Northrup,

There’s no such thing as the wrong decision.

There’s simply the decision you make.

You can weigh the pros and cons for eons.

You can call your friends, your psychic, and the angel card reader.

You can literally spend your entire life debating.

You can miss shining opportunities because you were paralyzed by your fear of getting it wrong.

You can watch your life pass before your eyes by trying to avoid getting it wrong.

You can stay exactly where you are forever because you’re afraid of getting it wrong.

Or you can move forward.

Move it....


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