How are you using her energy?

Mistakes happen. Big, dumb, stupid, lazy mistakes. Fat frickin’ messes that you will regret for a very long time. And no affirmation or predeterministic thinking will change the fact that you’ve done gone and f***d up. And when you can get that real about it, you don’t need to waste energy protecting your ego or pouring on the sweetener. You can use that energy to clean up the mess and love yourself while you’re doing it. Danielle La Porte

Admit it and then move on. The admission is the first part. I was talking to someone I love chatting with and she told me "girl, please, accept, dust it off and proceed wisely"  The non acceptance is what messes us up especially when we know me "done gone and messed up" some if us blame, make excuses, rehash it over and over in our minds, go down fighting, and that energy could be used to clean it up, learn the lesson and move on.


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