The Good Day Has Begun..

Creating your reality is 100% about directing your mind towards of how you want to live your life. It's about being a conscious creator aligning yourself with your hearts desires. The paradox here is "you're too busy" to do this, so you unconsciously create scenarios you might not want, based on the thoughts and emotions you're entertaining. When you lose sight of this kind of power that's your true birthright, you get into a frenzy of trying so hard which adds more stress into your life. Take back that power today and realize that you are a creator of your reality. Maxie Mc Coy

Life is indeed unpredictable because as human beings we do not and cannot know everything that will happen and the way it will happen. (how boring would that be anyway!) everyday I look forward to because this much I know, it will bring some level of surprise and newness to me that will have me saying wow! And that may be wow with a big smile or wow with a big sigh. Both come bearing gifts for me
Everyday shows me that as much as I want to control I cannot, all I have is my thoughts and responses about the events which occur. What I think about it and how I respond to them. And what I have learnt is in this thinking and response is
1. there is nothing to fear
2. the situation comes bearing a gift or a message
3. this too shall pass
4. pay attention
5. sometimes people's actions are a reflection of their own experiences which involves pain too and their holding on to it
6. let it go
7. feel the feelings, feel it all

And so when I remember those lessons I am able to better navigate the situation and act from a place of love rather than fear, and hell yeah at times I forget and I react. I react from a place of ego- "what's wrong with them, what's wring with me? "I refuse to deal with this" and all sorts of nonsense. But life is still so good to me and as I do that life will continue to guide me towards where I ought to be if only, if only, I pay attention.
Yesterday I planned my day to the hour- nothing on the list made it!! I ended up at a Chinese cultural show which was so awesome, to see their culture and recognize that all of us are the same, I sat there thinking OMG I have not achieved anything on my to do list and here I am slacking off but then I came back to the now moment and realised that this is where I am supposed to be pay attention and be all in. People are the same wherever we are, accepting our differences is an important part of living a harmonious life.

Today my NiNa Programme resumes I am so excited!
Vibez you on the other side


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