You are magic

You are magic - one day you will be willing to see that- Deborah Johnson

One of the most important lesson that I was given is that there is no prerequisite for worthiness. You are worthy and deserve the best by virtue of just being alive, end of story. Being born into this magnificent life means you are worthy of the best that life has to offer.
How awesome is that to know and believe that you don't have to beg, bargain, trade and plead for your worthiness? you just have to show up every day, every single time, believing in that and always act on that belief.

As children, we get brownie points for behaving a certain way and then we  start believing that our worthiness is attached to our behavior alone, we take this feeling into adulthood and believe we are worthy if  only we do certain things and we even  get rewarded for that behavior but nooo nooo
You are worthy - just by being alive, let's start there, we are born 100% worthy
What happens is that we forget or don't know or don't believe and start acting a fool
Circumstances happen that reinforce the feeling that we have to do something or be a certain way to be worthy or maybe not do something!
Hear this and hear me well
You alone are enough
You are worthy and that's just the way it is
Act like you know


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