Returning Stronger Day 13

Smallness might feel better. Bigness might look better. But in between those two stages is the demand to expand. Realize what's going on and always push to be the biggest and best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

I met with a colleague today who won a start up competition in Nigeria which allowed them to go to Silicon Valley to pitch their idea to some venture capitalists for funding. They are now in their 4th year of operations and doing some marvelous things to make the lives of their fellow Kenyan's better using technology and passion
I was and am so inspired by their story. We were discussing how people see the end and the so called glamour and not the hard work, the challenges and obstacles that go into the journey
We shared stories about how there were times when eating a full meal was out of the question because of either lack of money or feeling bad to ask for help, we shared stories about travelling to other countries and thinking about how will we survive given the limited and sometimes no budget but all worth it in the end because knowing what you want to do, knowing your purpose is the best feeling in the world
I left happy and inspired, my tribe is alive albeit far away physically but thanks to technology we are close enough
Today - more meetings and a trip to the market


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