Returning Stronger Day 2

Ask yourself what is the best that can happen and adjust your mindset to the positive.  Stop catastrophising. Get perspective. Take a bloody risk. Carole Forde

Arrived in Narobi later than scheduled. We were delayed by thirty minutes. I cleared customs and looked for my name held up by the group of drivers on the outside. Hmm don't see it, I walk around again, to the familiar cry of "taxi madame" on loop! I answer politely no thank you
I wait about 20 minutes, I still don't see my name. Hmm
I walk to a police man and ask him to use his phone to call Godfrey who was supposed to sort the taxi, he called, 
"The taxi is delayed in the traffic"
I did not buy it
"What does that mean?"
"Maybe you take one and get into town"
I silently cursed myself.
I have been dealing with Geff for about 2 years now sorting out Conferences and training courses, he always proved to be totally unreliable- here we go again! Why did I even think this time would be different?
I got a taxi, which got lost it was close to midnight. then he started arguing with me about the cost- he charged me more than double the price, it is one thing I can do without here, the taxi's are  notorious for doing this!
I told the taxi driver that even though you cheat me, you are cheating yourself, and I walked away thinking tomorrow I will have to get Uber, I am not dealing with these fellas for the next few weeks at all!
And here we go, the journey continues


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