Not engaging in crimes against myself

The greatest service I can offer is...not engaging in crimes against myself. Iyanla Vanzant
You cannot be useful to yourself, others or God if you run yourself ragged. Most of us believe that in order to be useful, helpful or in service, we must give our all, all of the time. We become YES people. We say yes when we are tired. Yes when we are busy doing other things. We say yes when we know there is no way we can take on anything else. You may believe that in order to be worthy of the love, admiration or respect of others, you must always say yes. What you may not understand is that there are times when saying yes causes you to make a necessary sacrifices.
There is a passage in "A Course in Miracles" that says, "Giving of yourself to the point of sacrifice makes the other person a thief!" When you allow others to take what you need, what you have earned, what you deserve, you are making a sacrifice. When you sacrifice, you are not giving freely. Nor are you serving others when you give to your detriment. In addition, when you give to your own detriment, you become resentful. You resent yourself and you resent the one who has received. Resentment is a clear-cut path to anger and unworthiness.
In order to serve others, support others, give to others, you must first be able to support and give to yourself. You must be willing to share your overflow, not your necessities. This is called self-support, self-care and self-love.
Until today, you may not have realized that you have allowed others to be involved in a crime against you. You may have allowed them to support you in sacrificing yourself and believing that you were helping or serving them. Just for today, don't be a yes person! Take care of yourself. Don't give what you don't have or what you need. Be self-supporting and self-loving enough to say no.
Today I am devoted to not making unnecessary sacrifices! Today I am willing to say no! ~~ Iyanla Vanzant, "Until Today"



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