Returning Stronger Day 8

Until I stop being in solution mode and just relish in the present moments of my day to day life — they’re neither good nor bad. Literally, in an exact moment, everything just is. Is perfect. Is as it should be. Only when our mind wanders to past and future do things get out of whack. Maxie Mc Coy

The new facility is world class, the production area, the office, the board room. And to think we were in a cramped area with dust and mites and sometimes the occasional mice popping up to visit - all too often for my liking. We packed bags on the floor
Those days are done
I had some anxiety today I must admit, I was supposed to come in and solve problems in a week that were around for the last two years, I thought "hello, I can only do what I can do, there is no magic wand" I relaxed into it and told myself just do your best in the moment and leave the rest
I went from the hotel to the factory and back
No time to see anything yet but trust me I will make some time
It's good to be back
You are welcome


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