Who are you becoming?

            It’s good to do uncomfortable things. It’s weight-training for life. - Anne Lamont

    I was having a conversation with a colleague I met while speaking for TedX Port of Spain last month, a fellow speaker
    We were chatting about goals and reaching the goals we set for ourselves. What I learnt in that conversation was that it really really is about the person that I become to to achieve the goal that  becomes  the most important aspect of the journey. So take for example, my boxing training , I realised that it was not only about wining a fight or winning a bout, it was the qualities that I developed while training. The discipline to train even when I would prefer not to, to  choose to eat the healthy option before heading to train or on a daily basis. The courage required to step in a ring, the consistency and persistence, this is what brings me the satisfaction more than the achievement of the goal itself. We change our goals, we upgrade them we renegotiate them, in all of that we must develop qualities, behaviors and good habits in getting to the end game, without them the goal will become a dream unfulfilled.
    There is no bonus points for almost, nor are there bonus points for "I tried" 
    Who are you becoming? Who are you becoming in the pursuit of your goals? Do you have goals? Do you know who you are becoming or are things just happening to you?
    What are your intentions?
    Why and who are you doing it for?
     Chances are if the who, why and what you are doing it is for other people, society and the feelings of not enoughness then the goal is usually so much harder to achieve 
    Pay attention and if it is not what advances you to living a life of harmony, peace, joy, abundance and fulfillment, consider who are you becoming as you make your choices


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