Returning Stronger Day 1

I been in some hard times, I seen a lot of good times
But everyday I count my blessings this way 'cause I know that everyday's a different day.
My friends can change but his will never change.
And I knew there would be some time, when I would second guess my mind.

So I kept on walking, kept on striving,
Kept on singing and guess who showed up? Rapheal Saadiq

The flight to London was an adventure! The turbulence was totally over the top, so much so food and drink was flying all over the place, a few screams were let out. I closed my eyes and took a breath. The pilot came on and gave an update of what the situation was - the ride will be a bumpy 6 hours. I appreciated the information.
Landed safely in London and it was like old times - I love this City I spent a lot of time here, my formative years, it still feels like home.

I spend the night here, meet some old friends and then I am off again

Holla on the other side


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