Returning Stronger Day 11

 Observe and learn.  Often when things don't turn out we can be relieved in retrospect.  Something different or better emerges. Wait a while. Carole Forde

They came to pay the hotel bill at 3pm I was supposed to leave for the airport at that time
She walked in with a type of fire that I seldom see, she told them off for "keeping a foreign visitor hostage" she called them stupid and village mentality, proceeded to pay and said never again would anyone from her Company patronize the place
I looked on in awe

The ride to the airport was one straight out the movies, Issa the driver was going down up roads, riding on pavements, dodging cars and to think we were in a twelve seater bus, him and I alone

"Issa, what are you doing?"
"I am getting you to the airport Madam"
"Well there are so many police around, maybe we ought to ease up"
"It is ok madam"
So I buckled up for the ride
Needless to say I made it to the airport with an hour to spare, I am walking into the terminal and there are Health officials at the door demanding Yellow Fever Immunization cards!
Oh snap- same guy from when I entered- what a coincidence
No one can enter the airport without one
I stood back and watched because I have no card, and I want to leave the country AND he let me go before with a requirement that I get one at a Ugandan hospital
I saw another lady checking for cards, I thought I would go and plead with her
Same time I went up a commotion started with 2 men who had fake Immunization cards (who knew that was possible)
they started hollering and making a scene, I pulled out my passport held it up and ran through that barrier like Usain Bolt. The guy from before spotted me, i said bye officer, he shot me the eye - I passed hurdle one!

I checked in and was now going through departures
Finger print to be taken I do the dutiful
The officer told me wait here and went for someone
Hmmm this doesn't look good
Madam your prints don't match
Well my first reaction was hearty laughter
Officer surely?
Let's try again
Here I was thinking it was my lack of yellow fever documents
His supervisor went on the computer, they spoke in their language again and then told me to try again
It worked, there was a match!
I'm outta here


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