Returning Stronger Day 3

You gotta take some risks. You have to not only pick up the dice, but roll 'em. So go ahead, take the gamble.You have nothing to lose except the chance to win. Neale Donald Walsh

Late night at the office, these ladies are doing amazing work,I am so proud to be a part of it, I am inspired. My jet lag was real, they saw me crashing, one more meeting and I will go home to rest.  Just as I was trying to finish a document, my laptop computer screen turned pink with some crazy lines at them bottom - oh no! this is not happening - this laptop must work, I have work to do and extra money to buy a laptop - nowhere in sight! just as I started You Tubing a solution I saw an email from the bank declining me for a loan that I applied for - this was my third attempt at making a loan request. I stopped, closed the computer and just took a breath
Okay, I know something is being told to me here, I don't know what, tell me what it is Universe.
I went back to the place that I was staying, pulled out my journal and started writing in it, things must change, and it has to start with me - that was the answer. be open to the change
Today I got up did a short run before breakfast and got ready to head to another venue. I go to another part of Nairobi to where I am staying to assist the ladies in preparing for the Conference I will be spending the night there
Looking forward to it


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