Returning Stronger Day 6

A transformation is an awakening, a coming out of one’s personal emotional coma and surfacing into the realization that we are connected to the whole of life. What we do, think, and feel matters to the entire fabric of life. Carolyn Myss

The Conference was a resounding success, we ended the day happy even if it was after  one am. As I hit the pillows on Sunday morning after we all took a drink and toast to what was accomplished I couldn't help but reflect on how grateful I was to be a part of this. I woke up at almost 2 pm the following day, I never slept that long ever! It felt good though. I decided to stay inside all day and read, that was my mission and mission accomplished.

There is so much going on all around the world, so much we can do in our own little space to make the world a better place, everytime I come here I am reminded of that, of the power of the human spirit, of kindness, of honesty and love. It really makes all the difference how we view each other and use the power that we were all given.

Today I fly from Nairobi to Kampala Uganda, back to where it all started, I spend one week there doing a couple of training sessions and one talk for Global Entrepreneurship Week for Enterprise Uganda
It will be lovely to see my old friends again

Holla at you on the flip side


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