Bless Difficult People

A lot of us have defence mechanisms in attempts to protect our hearts and feelings
You have to learn to be flexible or you will break, it’s not all or nothing every single time

Alex Elle

Today I am sharing my early morning reading.......
Bless difficult people!
Those people who truly get on your nerves.
Those who seem to be totally unaware that what they do has an impact on others
The people who have no qualms about demonstrating in word or deed that they do not want to be where they are, doing what they are doing.
People who pout or mope while they are working
People who speak harshly, roll their eyes, suck their teeth or show up late with no explanations.
Be willing to see difficult people in a different way.
Don’t be so quick to believe that their behavior has anything to do with you
Don’t be impatient
Don’t give them a hard time
Take the high road
Bless them
Do it silently
Do it in your heart
Every living being is a divine creation
Some people forget their divinity
Others never know it because no one ever told them that they have it
Others will cleverly disguise their divinity with nasty dispositions, bad attitudes or indifference to those around them
The greatest service you can offer God, yourself and the energy of the Universe is a blessing.
Bless difficult people because there may come a day when you are having a difficult time and will need to be blessed by someone else


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