Review the Intention

Whatever we are thinking, feeling, saying, or doing, we are co-creating, empowering and magnetizing into our livesPatricia Cota Robles

It depends on your perspective and how you view things, this knowledge that your life is  fully your responsibility can be sobering or freeing and knowing that we co-create our lives by thought, word, deeds and actions. 
Responsibility,in this case, meaning the ability to respond, the ability to respond to every situation in our lives is really up to us, including the choices we make.
Money Challenges - you have the ability to respond 
Man Challenges - you have the ability to respond
Coworker or boss is getting on your last nerve - you have the ability to respond
Woman Challenges - you have the ability to respond
Career Challenges - you have the ability to respond

all  and everything are our choices to make when we are in a particular  situation
What I get caught up with is judging myself "OMG how could I have made such a stoopid move?" - trust me that is not the very best response - blame and judgement as a choice of response is not very helpful, it keeps you focusing on the problem and not the solution.
I also get caught up in fear
I also start talking about how it should be, ought to be and losing the focus on what actually is
Fear is putting faith in the unknown and  in the negative
What is important is owning it, feeling the feelings and believing that the situation is part of the process of growing, living and learning
It gets easier with practice and self belief

What I also learnt is when I own it and go back to the Intention behind why I created what I did I realize many times my intentions were either not borne from my highest self or done to please people.

Pay attention to the signs
Review the Intention
Believe that it can turn around
Know that you have the ability to respond - and it is your responsibility
and all things are lessons that God will have us learn


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