Returning Stronger Day 9

We have such an emphasis on what we want. What wealth we are creating. It is so massively self indulgent. But that success won’t ever fulfill us. It won’t ever create greatness. Oprah quoted MLK in this one that your greatness is determined by service. So, what is your measurement of success? What can you give…give…give… What’s your why that is bigger than you? Maxie McCoy

Another hotel, another place. I checked, not checked in to, 3 hotels before I decided on this one, it's funny, now a standard for hotels is WiFi! The planning for my visit here is different to what I would have done but hey it is what it is,  they do things in their own way.I have a clean room for the night, I have WiFi and as they say home "my belly full up" it is so much more than what so many people have - I am grateful

On to Masindi town tomorrow a three hour drive - with no jam, we leave at the crack of dawn
I like the drive to Masindi, the countryside, the women riding their bikes with their babies strapped on their backs, the thatched roofs, the animals grazing. Makes me happy to see such freedom
Cheers to the journey
Holla at ya on the flip side


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