I surrender ALL

Surrender helps to heal fear filled wanting and not having Iyanla

Sharing this.... The Value in the Valley

I recently experienced a severe financial setback which caused me to question and doubt myself, as well as every good work I had ever done
I was in fear of being wrong. I could not believe that with sales of two books I could not pay my rent and  even had no aluminum foil to cover my stove burners.
Still, I made public appearances, usually praying that lunch will be served to cut down on the food bill. It was a truly humbling experience which I am surviving by learning to surrender.
The first thing you must surrender when you are a penniless public figure is your ego
You are being forced to make a decision between living your truth and living what you want others to believe about you
As black women we are indoctrinated to believe that our self-worth is attached to our net worth.
When we have money we feel valuable and worthy. We use money to buy things to support that concept. Our clothes, cars, doodads and ditties often have nothing to do with what we need. They merely support what we want others to think about us and who we are.
As our collection of "things" increases we get compliments and congrats about how well we are doing. Even when we are not doing so well, having things make us feel better. We feel worthy
When a black woman has a cash shortage, in her mind it translates to " I am not doing the right thing. I should be doing more of this" We are not willing to let others know of our plight because of the aversion we have to criticism. We let our stomachs rumble rather than ask for a meal
We feign illness and stay home rather than admit we don't have petrol or car fare
We do not want others to think or know we are faulty in anyway, so we suffer silently trying to figure it out
"Where the hell am I going to get some money?"
What we don't realize is that the criticism we want and so desperately try to avoid is born and lives within our own minds
the very things we think we say to ourselves
My first lesson was peace. What did I need to do to make peace with this situation? I had to surrender this preoccupation of what others thought about me
Next lesson - trust. Did I trust God to provide for me?
Next lesson - faith. I could not have faith without patience
Everything comes in time and on time
I had to surrender every thought, every emotion, every thing attached to the fear of not having money
Surrender requires trust
Surrender requires patience
Surrender requires obedience
Surrender requires authenticity
Surrender requires awareness and ownership
I surrender all


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