Be Kind Today

When you close a chapter because you're running, it's avoiding. It's not wanting to have that the tough conversation so you avoid it so much that you don't "even want to be friends anymore." It's not wanting to deal with your shit so much that you decide moving cities is a better choice all together. It's not wanting to be vulnerable, so you end a relationship. It's not wanting to ask yourself what you really want to contribute in this world, so you hop jobs for the thousandth time. All of it is running and it's driven by fear. But the only person you're running from, truly, is you. And she will always, always catch up Maxi McCoy

I jumped into a taxi yesterday - the way taxi's are in Port of Spain they are shared so the car will usually have other random people. 
I said my customary good afternoon to all and then I heard someone call my name "Akosua" I looked and saw a familiar face, someone who reached out to me after the TED Talk and asked me to purchase and sign my books, we met later that week, I delivered the books, we sat and had a lovely conversation and that was that.
Here she was in the taxi, us having another lovely conversation, she was about to leave the car having reached her destination she said, I paid for your ride have a great weekend
How awesome was that?
I was ever so grateful for that gesture of kindness
It triggered in me to be kind  to others as well and to pay attention why I am here and to pay attention to why at this particular moment I feel that I ought to be somewhere else, why I want to leave
Can you imagine? A simple kind gesture like that changed the way I was thinking?
Right on time
Thank you lady friend
Be kind today


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