Walk with your vision!

Ask yourself, who am I being right now that someone feels they have permission to misbehave in your life? Iyanla

Yesterday I was watching a programme called Iyanla Fix My Life. This programme seemed like it was just made for me and was putting down some home truths! Brutually honest. She was talking about knowing who you are, setting boundaries and taking responsibility for what is going on in your own life. It really resonated with me because in my marriage I did none of those things far less for when it was going off the rails. I set no boundaries and allowed anything to happen and in doing so I disrespected and dishonoured myself. I learnt now that I did that because I was afraid, making decisions out of fear. Fear of losing the man, the life, of being alone! The same thing happened with my job, just letting people run amok and not being my authentic true self because of fear. Guess what? it all came crashing down, lost the entire package! And back then I was a hot mess but now, thank God, best thing that ever happened to me because I have now learnt to take responsibility for myself and what is going on in my life, to be authentically me and to know who I am.

So what did I learn?
Walk with your vision always! Bring your vision to the game or you will just take whatever is given to you. Have the courage to be authentically you, if you don't know who you are, take a pause and find out, who's supposed to be in your life will remain! Ask yourself what's the truth you didn't tell about you, tell it and know that if you don't its gonna cost you! And you may not be willing to pay the price!


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