Are you ready to relinquish judgement about everything?

Sometimes we fight to remain the same, until a moment of vulnerability where we pray for change. Be sure to remember to let go of what no longer needs to be held. It's a balancing game. Align self every day. Natalie Stewart ( ah boss poet!)

At base yesterday I’m inside listening to some home truths! I just love all the wisdom that I get when I pay attention, you just never know where your lessons and blessings will come from and that’s why I do my best to pay attention. I am hearing laughter outside and festive chatter, I thought ok cooking or eating is taking place. They come and present me with the “goodies” well wowee I take one look at it and my first reaction was “Yuk, no way, no thanks, no sah, oh geed” then I see their response and I remember I made a commitment to myself to keep an open mind and a willing spirit. This one was a toughie, grasshoppers???? The dish was grasshoppers all fried and looking up at me! Hmmmm I said to myself ok let me remember in Trinidad we eat chicken’s feet, cow’s heel and pig's blood called  black pudding. I apologize, then brutally  honest I said, no offence peeps but the grasshoppers and white ants I really do not fancy, it’s all love though” they laughed at me. “Madam there are very many dishes that you have to try, get ready” Get ready right? I love how they say “very many”

So what did I learn today?
Simple and to the point, I don’t fancy the thought of eating grasshoppers  and white ants, however, I will give it a try. Everything you resist somehow persists! Move beyond the  self imposed limits and get it over with! Peace!!!


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