Focus on the water not the glass!

We spend so much time looking at what we don’t have; focus on the water not on the glass. Just bless the water and don’t pay attention to the container. Don’t get attached to the container. You can’t share anything that you deny or don’t know that you have. See yourself as the flow. How can I flow this day? (Deborah L Johnson author)
God-given function, and the universe is set up to support it.

God-given function, and the universe is set up to support it.

The best way to summon your true calling is to put your true self in service to God."

God-given function, and the universe is set up to support it.

The best way to summon your true calling is to put your true self in service to God."

 I’ve been travelling over the past week, so so many lessons that I have learnt along the way. The aim of the trip was mainly to conduct gender training in the North where there was conflict for over 20 years. Seeing the area and hearing about it is really two different things! It is almost as if time sttod still during the resistance, its a throwback to the old days. Can you imagine going to school one day at age 15 or 16 and then being “taken” to either be a wife or a soldier, never to see your family again in most times? One story I heard is that the commander took 100 girls, 90 became his wives and the other 10 were given to his other soldiers. I am not one to judge, whatever his reasons or their reasons for fighting it must have been motivating them to take those sort of drastic actions. I am happy now that the conflict is over and the people are on a mission to rebuild their lives and communities! I love how they thing “there are no victims here”! Anyways, so I’ve learnt that I can exist without electricity for one day, I respect those families living without electricity, running water and all the other “frills” that I always took for granted (funny thing was that my blackberry was working fine, coverage and all, came in handy for a light in the darkness too!!). All of the food is fresh, straight from the land into the pot, down to the meat, let’s go choose a chicken or goat and handle this story!! Fresh food tastes yummy! It was quite refreshing to see how the men came and participated in the gender training, of course there were some shocking issues brought up in my eyes, but it was great hearing their point of view and all of us coming up to the solutions. Women are responsible for more of less everything, picture this working on the land with a child strapped to your back and the other children running around, pumping water and carrying it on your head (baby still strapped to your back), walking over 5 miles for the water, cooking and caring for the children. Then the fellas show up and take the produce sell it in the market and the cycle continues!
Ok so truth be told, the outdoor toilets (which I know as latrines) I wasn’t feeling them after three days, I admit, I became latrine intolerant. On the Friday they told me that the training is at a hotel I said whoppee  toilet here I come! Get there and asked to use to toilet, and they led me to an outdoor toilet, all was left for me to do was cry a river of tears!! Oh no!!!!!! I became obsessed with finding a toilet that flushed in that village!! In the end I found one, the things I took for granted!!

So what did I learn today?

Forgiveness is BIG!! It is the one thing that propels you forward and allows you to take back your power, it is what these women who have been progressing after all the horrors of the conflict has done. Let it go and let yourself be happy, let yourself dream of a better future!!! Don’t ever ever ever let your past keep you a hostage. Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the PAST could have been any different! It is your happiness and joy that you are sabotaging when you hang onto anger. The other person has nothing to do with it. It’s in your power to change. Listen, one thing I now know for sure that I can do anything I ever want to, the excuses are done! I have so much, as Deborah Johnson says, stop focusing on what you don’t have, how much water is in the glass and what the container looks like! My transformation continues, I give thanks I breathe it in because I am blessed! Peace!!!


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