"People talk about the reality of their life as if it is important. And we want you to understand, it's only the temporary indicator. Do you go to the gas station-your gas gauge is on empty-do you go to the gas station and look at your gas gauge in horror? "How did this happen? Why, why, why did this happen to me?" Do you lay your head on the steering wheel and just sob? "Oh, look what it's come to. I'm finished. I've lived all of this life, and look where I am." Or do you just fill up?"- Esther Abraham-Hicks, is a best-selling author and motivational speaker!

Stuff happens that go contrary to what you want many times and I've learnt that a lot of times it is just me trying to prove to me and the "world" that I am good enough! But I have now realised that I have nothing to prove to anyone not even myself! How awesome is that? I want to prove to myself that I have financial discipline, that I am a nice person, that I have made the right choices! Why? Just be you and know that everyday you are gifted with that you posess the opportunity to as we say in Trinidad "wheel and come again" who I am is enough just as I am! Start there, you are enough!

So the lesson for today, its so amazing to me how much I learn on this journey by living in the now and paying attention, listening to the questions and discussing the responses. the question yesterday was " what's your prop?" Of course in discussing this it was being asked what do you rely on to "get you kick started and to reach where you are going" is it coffee, sugar (literally and otherwise), someone who is supposed to make you happy, external validation? hmmm I never thought about it! but even more interesting was the question, what happens when you don't have, cannot get your props? She said do you know who you are is enough and you don't need to rely on any props? Think about that for a moment, just be you and tap into your magnificence, your divinity, your power.
Wow what a lesson!!
So what's your prop?

Tomorrow I am off again! This time I am in the land of flushing toilets! Oh joy! 3 day workshop with USAID on Gender Entrepreneurship and Women Farmers, I present a paper on recommendations for gender training in the rural areas and we chat about the plans for 2013
Wish me luck!
Here's to the journey


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