#Not Enoughness be gone

We combat our belief that we are not good enough by perfecting, pleasing,performing we go through our lives trying to be who we think we are supposed to be doing and saying what we want we think we want people to hear, putting on what mask we think we need for that moment and that leaves us exhausted (pleasing, perfecting, performing)

Courage requires us  to show the willingness and the ability to be uncomfortable and to feel our way through emotions Brene Brown

It hit me like a ton of brinks yesterday, and I felt quite embarrassed at first and then I started laughing uncontrollably because I got it, a penny dropping moment. I did not feel good enough and did not feel as if I measured up to the task. I kept making excuses and making up reasons for doing the shite that I know was just in an attempt to make that particular person happy and in my circle. Hey as we say here "party done...."
I am enough! 
I have nothing to protect. I have nothing to defend. I have nothing to deny. I have nothing to prove. and the moment I start acting that way it is time to make another choice and make another move.
And this explains so many of my choices and relationships especially with men...
So here we go
down with the not enoughness...


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