Self Love requires humility

Sometimes, we “act” like we love ourselves so that we don’t have to change.  I Love myself completely and no changes are required, I’m THAT rad. Except our spirit very much wants to change what’s not working for our lives. But we’re afraid (often misdiagnosed as lazy or arrogant) to do what it takes to change. Fake self Love can turn into a cop out for really growing.

What do you say when people as you "How are you?" Do you have a standard response? A positive or not so positive?
Self love is really a journey, one that sometimes finds you down roads and paths that are completely unknown, it is a conscious decision that involves some inner work and home truths
Before I knew this, my concept of self love was pampering - pedicures, manicures, massages, facial most likely including a spa day throw in come wool bathrobes and cucumber over my eyes and there you go, overflowing with self love. And having tried that a few times there was still a void inside me, I kept asking myself what is going on?
And this is what I have learnt

1. Self Love is a decision to be your absolute full whole self
2. Self Love is a decision to embrace your freedom
3. Self Love requires humility and the ability to hear the truth
4. Self Love takes courage to make decisions that are uncomfortable, against the status quo and different
5. Self Love is not about being defensive, making excuses and accepting other people's lies and bad behaviour in the name of "it's not the right time or I will deal with it when I am good and ready"
6. Self Love takes patience
7. Self Love is your birthright and all the love you are searching for is right within you
The question is - how much love can you stand?


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