Acceptance of what is!

Do not concern yourself with what others do or leave undone. It is not your responsibility to evaluate their thoughts or their actions. Simply be responsible for how you think and act. For if you think and act with God you will influence others without saying a single word.

 Confessions on the journey! Today it seemed that things here were just getting on my nerves! The things that I would normally not bother about were pissing me off. I jumped into my car to drive to base, I was pissed at the divers on the road who follow no particular order, overtaking on corners, driving on either side of the road, the boda boda men on their bikes were part of my high pissosity! I got to base, I jumped out of the car, Madam there’s no Internet. What? (this is not a very abnormal thing, it goes down every week) I was like what? I got on the phone right away! Poor Frank on the other end got some of the backlash of my pissed off state! Then I realised, wait things are just spiralling let me jump back in my car and take a drive, note to self, don’t drive on the roads here in a high state of piss! You notice all the things that are in disarray and disorder! The traffic lights are just there for decoration, the roundabouts are a free for all! I sat there in the traffic and it hit me! A course in miracles is right, you are never really upset for what you think you are! Acceptance of what is! Arguing with reality is sufferation! Acceptance doesn’t mean you like it! It means that you accept that it is that way and you move to suit the circumstances! I sat there and asked myself, what’s this time trying to teach me? I came back to acceptance and patience! Accept that the place is disorderly, the Internet works intermittently, the electricity is sporadic and start working from there! I started smiling at all the disorderly drivers, I found some other work to do and the peace started coming back to me! Next week I’m checking out some new Internet service providers though!

Have a peaceful day all!



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