Watch your self talk!

Our relationships with others are only as emotionally healthy, happy, holy and content as our relationships with ourselves. Sara Bran Bretchnath

You know those conversations that you have with yourself, well if you don’t, let me tell you, there are times that I have conversations with myself, especially when I believe that I messed up! The conversation would  more be like a berating ( we call it buff where I’m from) So I buff myself and it goes into a spiral! Then I read something about loving yourself, being compassionate with yourself and forgiving yourself because how you treat yourself will be reflected in the relationships you have with other people!

I decided to give it a try for two weeks, to change the conversations that I have with myself. The first attempt would be at my boxing training (they call me Shuga)! I do boxing training three times a week with my tough coach Opio, a hard and hard body man from Sudan! Sometimes we go running before we spar. After ten minutes of running I’m like Opio stop its too hard, run slower, a whole litany of reasons why we should stop. More importantly I say to myself oh darn its not even 6am why am I out running, I can’t breathe, oh my god this is hard and you know how it go!!

Last week new conversation. I encouraged myself, I said look at the nature around you, let me look forward to sparring after this run! Peeps, the thing works!!!! Opio is like, have you been doing extra sessions? Nope! Well done! Homie is always telling to style up, come on, get serious! This week he’s been shocked! Only thing now he says to me since you have been doing so well on this we are now going to for the next week do hill sprints! My word, time to prepare for a whole new conversation!!!

I’m trying this new self talk for everything now!



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