This is why we practice!

You don’t need to forgive until you need to forgive. You don’t need nerves of steel until you need nerves of steel. You don’t need to call on your reserves of compassion, or fortitude, or faith until you’ve used up everything else. This is why we practice ( Danielle La Porte, author)

They called me downstairs, the baby was crying for a very long time, I heard the baby and thought to myself what exactly is going on down there this is quite unusual! Anyways, I turned my music up.

I live in a compound with four families and three babies we have a care taker who lives with us 24/7. John Boscoe is his name. The oldest baby is 3 years old. When I get home on evenings if they are outside playing, they greet me and I feel this sense of joy that is hard to explain. The three of them run up to the car shouting “Aunty Mazungu) I don’t know why that’s my first smile because Mazungu means white woman and we all know that is not the case!

They get to the car, I open the door and they are screaming Aunty Mzungu come and play. I get out the car we run around the compound they try to catch me and then when we get tired, usually it’s me that gets tired first they come upstairs to my flat they hang out, jump on the char, and eat chocolate until mummy comes for them. It’s a Monday to Friday ritual. I find myself at times looking forward to it!

They call me downstairs, the police has come everyone is looking distraught angry frustrated, all of the above! What’s going on? John Boscoe  is being accused of interfering with one of the babies! What? What are you saying?? They repeat it, I know I heard you! John Boscoe is claiming his innocence. Madam have you seen John Boscoe with the child? The mother’s are screaming they want to kill him!

I just stood there, I am calling in all the lessons, forgiveness, compassion, expansion, love, faith. I call on them to help me in this moment! This is why I practice it, this is why we practice!

The police takes him away, the baby points at him and no more medicine for me John Boscoe?



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