What have you done with your dreams?

Your genuine action will explain itself, and
will explain your other genuine actions.
Your conformity explains nothing.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s the question I was faced with today. “What have you done with your dreams?” Huh? “. “What have you done with the visions for your life?”

I thought about this for a moment

So what did I learn today?

Many of us fail to dream because we fear that our dreams will never come to pass. Is pushing it further from our imagination going to make it materialize any faster? What is the hurt or disappointment that you strive so desperately to protect yourself from? Is our life fulfilled from having fewer dreams? Does staying locked up inside ourselves make us think that we are in control? Maintaining a dream and a vision requires that we let go of our anxieties. Anxiety is living in the future in the present! Believe! You came here with dreams and visions! There is a reason for that!

Many of us hoard our visions, stockpiling them in our secret vaults. What are we doing? Are we saving it for rainy day? What exactly would that rain look like?  Believe; Know for sure that it is possible and then act like you know!



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