Living well is about being genuinely thankful for your situation in every moment

Living well is not about needing or having or getting. Living well is about being genuinely thankful for your situation in every moment, and choosing to make it even better.
Ralph Marston


Since I have been here, there have been so many shifts in my thinking! Busy-ness to me is a heap of unmade decisions ,hiding and fear! Taking a pause is imperative. I go from one situation to the next with a pause in between with absolutely no guilt! It is really ok to stop and reflect then start again!


What are we so busy doing that you are always on the go and cannot take a pause?

What’s going to happen that you cannot take a break?


A course in miracles talks about the Holy Instant where one takes a pause and recognize that you have this silent power, where you are one with the Universe, it can just be one moment so any moment can be the moment!


If I ever tell you I am busy I will buy you lunch for a week! That’s life, we got things to do!

 According to my girl Danielle La Porte “I’m just so busy,” is the typically gasping, rushed, whiny refrain that’s become a contemporary anthem. It doesn’t make us look more important, it makes us look just-this-side-of-frazzled. It’s typically used as a lite apology an excuse, a duck-out, as if your Life Master is making you do stuff that you don’t want to do. Even as a well-intended social pleasantry, “Sorry, I’ve been busy,” has a little victim ring to it.”

And we all know that there are no victims here!!



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