Loving self is a power!

Love, An energy, Something that is felt. Self, An identity, Something that is known. Loving Self, A power, Something that radiates. She that nurtures, at times without being nurtured. She that gives, at times without receiving. She that mothers, at times without being mothered. She must love self. In order to love at all. (Natalie Stewart)

Loving self is a power! And with this power comes responsibility!  For me, responsibility means the willingness to accept ALL the consequences which are related to self! Not being a victim, not blaming people, accepting what is and then taking action with courage. It’s the start of everything that is awesome in life, loving self!

With me, its is a journey and the journey begins again every morning. First I had to become aware, to become conscious, responsible!

Being here I am reminded that we are never ever victims, we cannot control so many things around us but we can continue to love ourselves out of the situation!

So what did I learn today?

Love yuhself!!! It really is that simple



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