You are your own magician

FACT – Fear is always part of the equation of manifesting your desires – feel the fear and do it anyway! Les Brown (another boss teacher!)

I had a penny dropping (PD) moment yesterday! The whole thing just made sense to me after having an interesting conversation with Buluhan Buluhan Magembe General Secretary/CEO Liberate the Poor Tanzania (these guys are doing some really awesome work in Tanzania and I am now proud and humbled to be in partnership with them)

Why do we shy away from what we really want to do if it is different to the status quo? We seem to find all the reasons why we should not do what our heart is screaming at us to do. And we prefer to stay safe and miserable rather than stepping out! The fear cripples us! I am guilty of this big time! Ok I want to work with women entrepreneurs all over the world, I start off with hmm how will I pay my bills? I have a big mortgage to pay! The things that we think make us free actually keep us in bondage!

I want to open my women’s centre, where will I get the money? All the reasons why it is tough and it can’t work!

Why not start with yes? The Universe will not put a dream in you and let you fail! It’s all lessons along the way! Instead of looking at all the reasons why not, start with all the reasons why!

The law of manifestation states “You are your own magician - out of seemingly nothing you can, with conscious intent, and detachment from results, create whatever you want.  There is no judgment on what you create but there are consequences that follow your intent.    For starters, your thoughts, visualizations, intentions, emotions, feelings, beliefs, behaviours, attitudes, clear expectations, words, deeds and actions must be aligned with what you intend creating”
 How bloody awesome is that? You are your own magician! Believe that!!


So what did I learn today?

Start with yes! Gonna make some magic today!! Why not join me and let me know what magic you have made by starting with yes!



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