Mistakes are opportunities for learning

Mistakes are opportunities for learning. To condemn your brother for making mistakes is to pretend to be mistake free, which you are not. I have asked you before and I will ask you again: which one of you will throw the first stone?

Paul Ferrini


I was getting upset, why was this situation coming up again with this same person? Didn’t we discuss this before more than once? I was getting more and more annoyed. As I was about to open my mouth to say something in annoyance and agitation I heard a voice! Have you not made mistakes before? Have you not been learning about how to navigate your way in this new situation? Where did that voice come from? I started talking, the voice continued relax and then ask another question

Ok so the thing is I have learnt when something like that happens you pay attention, you just do it! I stopped talking, I listened to what she was saying and then put myself in her shoes for just one minute!  

Those two minutes changed the entire dynamic of the conversation and meeting!

So what did I learn today?

Walk a mile in their shoes! Jackson Kiddard says this and he was right Communication is the single most important part of creating a healthy relationship. A relationship without communication is like a beautiful flower without water and sunlight, it will quickly wither and die. I don't care if you think what you have to say is hurtful or you are afraid of expressing yourself, speak your Truth. Be kind, but speak up and be honest



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