Take yourself to a place of no limitations

If you are going to be courageous, an example for all those who are ready to step into their power, then you must be willing to show the world all of who you are. You must have the guts to throw off the chains of modesty and mediocrity in order to be the light that the world needs. (Debbie Ford, author and another one of my great teachers, RIP)

On Monday’s we sit together and brainstorm about how to improve on what we are doing. Many times there are fireworks, and always there are lessons!  This Monday,  as I walked into the room, “Madam, I have something for you to execute” Really? Do tell. So I was thinking that we set up a toll free line for the farmers, when they are in the remote villages it is often difficult for them to come into see us and we only visit them periodically, but they all have mobile phones so set it up, execute it!” Amm hello jus so?

So what did I learn today? You cannot learn about yourself if you are always staying within the confines and borders of the familiar. You must step into unknown worlds which may feel unsettling, many times these are the places where you get your best lessons. Take yourself to a place of no limitations, of greater possibilities of pure potential of all that you are capable of and you will never find it by clinging to the  approval of others, living the safe way. Challenge yourself!



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