Returned from the "Bush" with Peace!

One of the reasons we become stuck in an experience is because we hold on to it. Inner Visions Worldwide

I have been in the North of Uganda for the past few days visiting with farmer groups. (No Internet Access, so couldn't post)As we approached the first group, the jeep passed a huge sign post which said Memorial for Barlonyo Camp. I wanted to find out more about this, so I asked Emmanuel, who is the guy from the company which trains most of the farmers. He told me that this area was where one of the biggest camps was situated. The memorial came after the conflict because the rebel invaded the area and killed everyone! The other thing that made me reflect was how calm Emmanuel was telling me the story!

We got to the farm where the group was waiting for us, I wanted to get their experience on what life was like now, with peace after twenty years. There was a surge of optimism, a desire to educate their children and make a better life. They talked about learning new methods of farming which will allow for higher yields, of a life with peace and joy! I sat there thinking why do I sweat the small stuff?? We were all there sitting under the biggest most magnificent trees I have ever seen, strategizing and planning, dreaming and visualizing and  I cannot explain it but a sudden peace came over me, maybe this is what the peace which surpasses all understanding is about!

So what did I learn today?

Life is a process of taking what you have and turning it into something awesome!




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