Suff does not equal wealth

The less gullible we are about the illusions that come with money-talk and materialism, the more likely we are to value ourselves and what truly matters. If we can see through the smoke and mirrors, we’re less likely to play the comparison game — because: If you measure your success against someone else’s results, you will never be free – ever. Danielle La Porte

We have this discussion about money here often, sometimes the money trickles in and it sets some of the people here into a state of frenzy! One of the ladies said we should close down the branch up North. This is where passions and voices started getting higher.

Close down the branch? Because the cash is not as much as we would like for the last two months? Are we in this area for the cash? Is that the statement that we want to make to the world? Can we get more innovative and creative? Can we have patience?

This is a post conflict area; there are different rules so let’s not talk cash as the first position in making a decision about our community. Without that branch we would not have many of the opportunities that we currently do.

I sat there silently listening to the conversation and was thinking. How many times, in fact just last week, I was fretting about money, how much I didn’t have to do something! Why not flip the script? Focus on what I have and not on the lack and limitation?

So what did I learn today?

"Stuff does not equal wealth,
and wealth does not always equal success.

So, as ever, it’s best to define wealth for yourself"



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