Road Trip Time

nobody needs your help.
I know, I know...this is a difficult one. But it is true. Yet
this does not mean no one wants your help, or that no one
could use your help. It simply means the thought that another
Aspect of Divinity is powerless without you is inaccurate.
Do not do something, therefore, because you think someone
else needs you. That only builds resentment. Do whatever
you do as a means of deciding, declaring, creating, and
experiencing who you are--and who you choose to be. Then
you will never feel victimized, powerless, or without choice.
Yes? You see how simple it all is? Get out of victimhood ( Neale Donald Walsh)

Road trip again, off to Jinja to check out the Company's offering at the annual Jinja Trade show, it is one of the biggest Agricultural Trade Shows for the year, it goes on for 7 days. I still marvel at how big this country is, and it still is one of the smallest on the continent! To drive somewhere they consider near is like 3 hours! Coming from an island a 3 hour drive is to and fro not one way
So until I get back.....


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