Act like you have learned what you have learned

Share what you just got with others. Danielle La Porte

This is some advice that I will always cherish! I have it on my bookshelf out of plain sight (can you imagine???) anyways, this morning I was looking for something and it popped out, just how the Universe works! It always brings tears to my eyes every time I read it because this was not even prompted, I didn't even ask a question and boom! Straight at me with so much love and concern for me I was dripping with gratitude! I listened, walked away and wrote it down right away- what I remembered and then I just cried when I read it as I felt an so  blessed! I can't even begin to explain....... I'm sharing it,

“Akosua, remember these lessons – you must integrate and use what you know, you must act like you have learned what you have learned! Love the messages, even if the messages are about you, as you love them more, your sense of vulnerability and resistance surrounding them will decrease. As you love every aspect of your journey, you will be inclined to both value and share it more! Life is indeed good all the time. Move beyond the stories you have made up in your head, half of which aren’t true, move beyond giving a damn about what others say and think about what you are doing.
Now is the time to get focused.
Now is the time to get organized.
Keep visioning yourself as organised and the transition will not be so traumatic.
Let go,
Let go,
Let it go,
Let it  go,
Let IT GO,
Most of the "clutter", you don’t need- LET IT GO!
You need space to think, to feel, to spread out!
Do not retreat back into your shell
I am pleased to see that you are finally motivated!
Now go,
Just do it!”



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