Just how much?

What did I learn today?
I am extremely humbled, grateful and excited to have the opportunity to share the lessons I have learnt on my journeys,  its a funny thing  that happens when I pay attention and be fully present! This month  I want to share the lessons learnt on authenticity! Feel free to share yours!
Authenticity – the creativity, the love, everything of value is really about finding one’s authenticity and giving it expression!
You always fear that your authenticity will not be appreciated by those whom you love. And you are probably right. Authenticity is rarely appreciated by anyone other than the author. So what will be your measuring stick? – your own internal valuation of yourself of the price tag others place on you? Why do you cheap yourself up, and why do you place everything given to you on an action block for the bidding?
Are you so consumed with your materialistic point of view that nothing is of worth unless it has an exchange value placed on it by someone else? Must the price of everything be determined by how much someone else is willing to give for it?
What about yourself?
What are you willing to give for what you have?
How much are you willing to invest in yourself and in your own ideas and creative expression?
Just how much?



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