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Excerpt from Nyabo Why are you here? 

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Affirmation: I am safe, it is only change
Journal Entry 22  I had to bend down to enter the hut! Thatched roof and no door, this one was surrounded by four other huts in a circle. I entered, it disoriented me and I stumbled, it was dark, although the sun was shining brightly outside, the inside of the hut was cool. I stood crouched and I bet I looked really awkward. I just stood there! Walked a few meters and we were standing tall together!
There was nothing on the inside but a hand woven mat. I felt a little embarrassed to ask if this was all in the hut, she seemed proud to show me her spot, her crib!
“Madam, I live here, this is all for me.”
I smiled.
We  them went outside, I stood up straight and I followed her.
She showed me the kitchen hut and the “hang out” hut. There were separate huts for the kitchen and to chill out, maybe have some tea and talk. We sat outside and drank a warm coke, they call it soda!
 I asked her about school and life she told me her vision is for her children to have an education and her life is being used for that purpose, she  told me that she was  “very OK” with her choice.
 She asked me about my life and all I said was that my life is ok!  
“Madam that’s sad, I am sad for you that your life is just OK.”

I thought about it for a moment and told her you are right if all I can tell you about my life is that it’s OK then that’s pretty darn sad isn't it?


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