An Intention is a Declaration

Intention: An intention is a declaration of expectation to the Universe of life that brings your mind into alignment with the desires of your heart. When setting an intention it is important for you to state exactly what you want to experience without any attachment to how that experience should manifest. Honesty is the key element. Do not ask what you are not willing to work for.Iyanla Vanzant

One of my favorite teachers always says "Madam, what is your intention?" I always laughed and said I don't want to marry you! That was a private joke between us because I somehow associated the word intentions with courting and getting married! My grandfather would ask any young man who came around me "Young man, what are your intentions?"
Now that I have been exposed to so many teachers and experiences I know and understand the importance of intentions and setting them! Key thing for me is to "get out of my own way" once I have done the work and have the faith!

What I learnt is that Intent is more than a goal, it's a place of integration. Your intent is a place where your motives, fears, anxieties, possibility, awareness, surrender , desires all come into play. I've learnt not to confuse desire with intent. Desire there is a longing, intent there is clarity, Intent arrives before you do,once your intent is pure everything in fact will turn out allright!

Intent is about what you plan to do what you do, why and the motivation and as Universal law, what you sow is what you reap, if your intent is to manipulate, control, camouflage, lie cheat steal, or the like whether you know it, chose it or not it's coming back to bite you in the arse!

So, my intentions, in 2015, I am paying attention to, I am paying attention to the lesson in my readiness for this time and place called 2015!
I'm ready!


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