Sugar is back!

I move beyond “playing nice” into getting real

So I decided to go to the boxing gym last night after not going for ages!!! I get there and my old coach is no where in sight! There's a new kid on the block! We spoke and somehow I am now training to get back in the ring starting on Monday! An actual fight OMG! When the yes flew out of my mouth I saw it past by and said oops! I did start with yes didn't I!
Me! In a ring! Boxing!
I looked at the other ladies there and thought  did I just say yes?? Yes I did!!

Coach went on about how we have to train 5 days a week and it is going to be tough! That yes was long gone and not returning any time soon! I messaged my friend "Guess what I just did?"

So a new journey starts on Monday! (They call me Sugar!)

I will let you know how it goes



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