Jump into the center and get comfy

Jump into the center of YOUR own life and get comfortable being there.

I was doing my early morning reading and I came across something by Danielle LaPorte (note to self, these things are really messages so maybe you didn't just come across it?) anyways, this reading was sent to me directly because it was exactly what was required this morning.

It talked about  "swallowing your words, paying rent in hell and maintaining appearances. Why we make (unhealthy) compromises"

So there are two types of compromises, one that expands you, make you feel joyous, growth and not yucky!! Comes from a place of love and grace

Then there is the type that dries you up, makes you feel like crap because it is driven by fear and people pleasing!

So why do we do it?
We do it because of fear that we will not get what we want! Yea, that's it in a nutshell right there fear! whatever excuses you make for bruising your soul in the name of compromise is just plain ole fear!

We fear rejection, criticism!
So here's the thing 

"We stay in ridiculously dramatic relationships for fear of loneliness or despair -- which would keep us from the connection and joy we really want. We keep up with social situations even though they make us feel flat, fake, or alien, because we don't want to be cast off entirely -- because that might keep us from the nourishment and affinity that we really want.
In review:
We compromise -- we swallow our words, keep paying rent in hell, and maintaining appearances, because we're afraid that we won't get what we really want if we... really tell the truth, choose joy over pain, and show up as ourselves. But if we don't really tell the  truth, choose joy over pain, and show up as ourselves... we'll never get what we really want."

You may really do experience some loneliness, rejection, and pain but its on the path to getting what you really really want and that's worth it!
Are you worth it?



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