I am growing by thoughts, words and deeds

Keep slaying what's not working. ("Thank you and goodbye, I'm focused on incredible.") Danielle LaPorte

What Did I Learn Today? When you know you are thinking, saying or doing things that are unhealthy or unproductive, you must so more than know.
There must be genuine, loving support for the 'self' to make a change.
Change does not mean replacing one bad habit for another.
It does not mean beating up on yourself or feeling guilty or ashamed.
Change means voluntarily removing yourself from the people and environment that support you in remaining unhealthy.
Change means identifying what you are doing, recognizing when you are doing it and gently guiding yourself to do something else.
Change means not  making excuses for yourself, but doing exactly what you say you will do.
When you support yourself in making needed changes, you are supporting your own growth. Growth is the commitment to being, doing and having the best


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