Everything is just fine..here in my mind

Excuse me if I sing
My heart has found its wings, ohh yes
Searchin' high and low
And now at last I know
Mornin' Mr. Golden Gate
I should walk but I can't wait
I can't wait to set it straight
I was shakin' but now I am
Makin' it fine
Here in my mind

Al Jarreau!

Everything is just fine.... here in my mind! I love this song, it is one of my favorites I play it almost every daily before I go out to do any event or talk!

Once my mind is fine, hey what else matters? I realise I used to torture myself with "stories" about what if's but they were really only "stories" so I sing "everything here is just fine, here in my mind" and I rock out with that! I wanted to ask a friend of mine a question for a week, procrastinating all the time, why? fear of course and making up stories! I sat there thinking, ok just do it, it's all good! I popped on ole Al Jarreau belting out everything is just fine....in my mind and boom!!! done it, and guess what? It still is all good!

What questions are you avoiding asking? Maybe Al can help!! Do what you need to because... you can make it all fine.....in your mind!


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